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Augvape BTFC RDA Atomizer is created by Augvape and Vapnfagan together, which excels in its airflow control, top airflow, and bottom airflow. With two airflow system, BTFC RDA achieves great success to deliver great flavor and produce large clouds. If you are looking for flavor chasing, you just need to use the bottom airflow, and if you are looking for massive, dense clouds, you can use bottom and top airflow at the same time. With 25mm diameter, it has wide space for building various kinds of coils. Inside is the build deck with dual slant posts, which makes coil installation easier, and four holes are for bottom airflow to hit coils directly. It comes with one derlin drip tip and one frosted long drip tip for your preferences, and the peek insulator prevents overheat to prolong its life span.


Top airflow and bottom airflow for dense, large clouds while single bottom airflow for great flavor

25mm diameter offers wide space for DIY fun

Dual slant posts for simple installation of dual coils, and four holes allow bottom airflow to hit coils directly

Deep juice well stores more e-liquid and keeps cotton soaked

Peek insulator prevents overheat and BF pin is included for bottom feeding

Comes with Derlin Drip Tip and Frosted Long Drip Tip



1 PC 810 Drip Tip

1 PC Allen Key 

1 Bag Accessories



Black, SS


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